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3/18/10 02:23 pm - Fail.

Failed midterm. Fuck. May not be allowed to sit final exam. Even if i do, will not get awarded because i failed to pass midterms. Subject? Computing. Predicted grade? A.

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3/1/10 04:16 am - Love

When I'm happiest with what i have, when i feel the most content, i always end us dwelling on what i could have. I have so many people i love and i can say love me back... But not a boyfriend...not someone i can say is truly mine to hold. I suppose I'm frightened of what could happen if that happens... Most of all, I'm scared that having that person will drive away and destroy the loves i already have... Now a situation has arisen... And i don't know what to choose... Dive in or stay safe... I don't know... All i know is that i an so proud and so lucky to have those friends i do... Without them... Without you... I don't know what or who I'd be... Thank you <3

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2/22/10 10:09 pm - Writer's Block: Beam me up, Scotty

If you could be transported anywhere in the world, at any point in time, where and when would would you choose to live, and why?

The states, preferably MA. Right now. This very minute. For a hug.

12/20/09 10:13 pm - YOU!

Into bondage?

Here: http://fetlife.com/sit_on_santas_lap

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